Tuesday 31 May 2011

Poomparai Balamurugan Temple

Poomparai Balamurugan Temple

Sometime back I had been to Kodaikanal with my family for a week. Though I have been to Kodaikanal quite a few times, my parents have not visited the place for the past 14 years. So we decided to make full use this vacation and visit some new places apart from common place like the coaker’s walk, lake etc.

We planned to go to Mannavanur Lake and thought of stopping by the Balamurugan temple at poomparai. Though I have been to Mannavanur when I visited Kodaikanal 2 years back, I did not visit this temple. So this time we decided to pay a visit to the temple.

To our surprise we were told that the temple is about 3000 years old and the deity Balamurugan was sculpted by Bogar who also sculpted the Palaniandavar in Palani. Also just like Palaniandavar this has also be made using Navabashanam or 9 rare herbs which can cure any illness know to mankind.

Poomparai is a very small town but it has its role to play. Most of the big and small cities in Tamil Nadu and South India gets their vegetable supply from this village. The temple is located at the centre of the village, or should I say the village has developed around the temple. It is a very small unassuming temple. Nothing big or popular like the other temples in TamilNadu.

It is believed that the deity is very powerful and can cure any illness that one has and also showers his blessing generously when worshipped sincerely. The temple is now in the control of Palani Devasthanam and most of the rituals are being performed similar to the Palani temple.

This is not a big temple by any means, but a beautiful one located at a beautiful location. It is worth paying a visit if you happen to go there.