Thursday 9 June 2011

Maymont Park, VA

A walk in the Park – Maymont Park

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Maymont Park in Richmond, VA is a perfect spot for a weekend picnic for a family. It has everything that a family would need to relax and be with their family / friends. Unlike a theme park, the Maymont Park has lot of open spaces, lawns, artificial ponds which can give a good relaxation after a hectic week. One can do running / jogging, laze around, play in the lawn. Watch the kids and others play or just walk around observing the different activities going around.

That park, just like almost all the parks in US, is very well maintained. The big park has lots of trees in it which is complimented by the small ponds and falls that has been created to improve the look of the falls. It has open spaces or lawns where one can relax or play around.

It has walkways for the active bodies and also a few birds and animals that are kept in cages for visitors to see. Not much like a zoo, but a few of them. As a rule / ethical code of conduct I did not photograph these birds or animals in cages, but even otherwise there are good numbers of birds visiting the place. So one will not be too disappointed if they are interested in bird watching.

I did not spend too much time, but just about 3 hours during which I was just walking around the park and taking in whatever I could. It definitely is a very lively and beautiful place with lots of activities going on during the weekends. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a very relaxed picnic for a weekend with family and friends.