Tuesday 1 November 2011

Deep Run Park

Deep Run Park

The Deep Run Park in Glen Allen, VA is very much within the city amidst the neighborhood. Just as any other park in the US, this one is also a big one with naturally developed trees. For someone who travels from countries like India, this park would look like a forest! In the literal sense, it also has a good number birds and small animals like squirrels and rabbits.

The park has been lined with trails which can used for walking, jogging and even roller skating. At any point of time one can see people doing various activities here. There are viewpoints created with ample space for anyone who wants to just have a picnic. These viewpoints are not created with concrete like other places, but created completely with wood, merging with the surroundings entirely.

There is not much to say about the place, except for its serene natural beauty, which cannot be described in words. Hence the photos below :-)

Bee - Photographed using the 50mm macro and cropped as much as possible!

Friendly squirrel, did not bother to come near humans and pose. Olympus E5 + Sigma 105mm

A young Skater - Olympus E5 + Sigma 105mm
Mr and Mrs Ducky in the glow of the afternoon sun. When the Bigma is not around the Sigma 105 saves the day. Olympus E5 + Sigma 105mm

Bee photographed with the Olympus E5 + Sigma 105mm. The Sigma 105mm is more suited for the photographing insects than the 50mm macro.

Tiny flowers. This is where the Oly 50mm wins hands down in sharpness. Olympus E5 + Olympus 50mm