Tuesday 14 August 2018

The Neighbours

The Neighbourhood

Back with a  after a very long hibernation. Not sure if I will continue, even though I would very much want to.

This time around, a shorter blog with some of the beautiful neighbours I share my home with. Now, I am not talking about the people, but about the others.

As a depart from the norm, the blog is neither about photography, nor about any of my travels. But you will be seeing some photos of the neighbours and the neighbourhood for sure, although it may not be strictly a very good photo.

The morning alarm. This guy is most often the one that wakes me up, hence the moniker!

Common Tailor Bird

The Noisy Neighbour. Keeps shrilling at the top of the voice most of the day!

Ashy Prinia

The high flier. Rain or Shine keeps soaring high!

Black Kite

The elusive fellow. But on this rainy day decided to get a bit social and posed for photo for a long time!

Southern Coucal

The singer. It is always a treat to listen these fellows sing in that melodious tone!

Red-whiskered Bulbul

The common type. I am yet to come across an apartment devoid of these types! A common fixture.

Blue rock Pigeon

The beautiful ones! No matter how small or how short lived, these fellas make the place more beautiful and colourful!

Spotless Grass Yellow

Great Eggfly

Lemon Pansy

Well, hope you enjoyed been introduced to some of my beautiful neighbours.

Note: I have not been able to make justice to the beauty of the birds, due to my lack of proper equipment for photograph them. But will definitely make amends sooner and make sure you are treated with better photographs of these friends!

On a rainy evening!



Very nice and cool for eyes and heart subbu. Fantastic neighbours. Philomina

Unknown said...

Very nice rama subbu, all r excellent

Trails of a Traveler said...

Thanks guys!