Saturday 10 November 2018


Downtown Cincinnati across the Ohio river on a Windy
Link to more photos from Cincinnati for better resolution

My recent visit to Cincinnati presented me with some good opportunities to explore the place and click some photographs. So decided to start with my favorite - the view of the downtown from across the Ohio river in the evening.

It was a very windy evening with the temperature hovering about 10 degree C / 40 degree F. Wind was over a 80kmph and literally throwing us off balance in the Roebling Suspension bridge and the weather taking only seconds to numb the exposed fingers.

I was lucky to find a place where I can keep the camera sturdily and click this 20 second exposure (Above).

Same place - Different view and different time

One of the most popular features of the city is the river walk. This extends from Cincinnati in Ohio state across the river into the towns of Covington and Newport in the Kentucky. The walk way presents a lot of beautiful views of the Cincinnati downtown!

Small artificial fall in Cincinnati Zoo

If there is one place that is a must visit in Cincinnati, that is the zoo. One of the most popular and the well maintained places in the country. It houses a wide range of animals and birds from all over the world. I also learnt that the zoo does a lot of bird and animal rescues and lets them back in the wild after giving the necessary protection.

Red Cardinal - Cincinnati Zoo

I generally do not photograph birds or animals that are in captive. But this one is was no way in the captive, even though it was photographed in a zoo.

Prisoner's Lake
Not sure what or who gave the lake its name, but it did captivate me with its splendor! Beautiful lake with an equally beautiful backdrop. If one has the time and patience, this is a good place for some birds and animals watch.

Fountain Square - Downtown

The most lively place in the downtown. The place comes live during the weekends, in an otherwise conservative downtown.

Mausoleum - Spring Grove Cemetery

It is not often we come across a cemetery that is also maintained as an arboretum, at least not in India. So it came as a huge pleasant surprise when I visited this place.

Lake 1 - Spring Grove Cemetery

It was also not devoid of water bodies. These water bodies, apart from serving as water source for these trees, also are home to lot of birds.

The change of colours - Spring Grove Cemetery

It was here where I first got a glimpse of the changing colours in nature in the fall. Though it was a bit late this year, it was really colourful when it arrived.

Hide and Seek - Spring Grove Cemetery

Fall, apart from bringing the colours, also brings this hide and seek game with the clouds and the sun alternating with each other.

Full spectrum of colour at Mt. Airy forest

Cincinnati is also known as the city of seven hills. This is because the city itself sits snuggly in a valley surrounded by seven hills, of which Mt. Airy forest is one. the fall brought out the full spectrum in a small lake at the Mt. Airy forest.

Colouful trails

Mt. Airy also seems to be the most preferred place for joggers and bikers. This is due to numerous trails this place have, that are also well marked.

View of the Covington, KY across Ohio river

The river walk spans across Cincinnati in Ohio to Covington and Newport in Kentucky. It provides lot of beautiful view of the city and the beautiful surroundings.

One of the best here is the Roebling's Suspension Bridge that is built across the Ohio river. This happens to be the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

There are more such wonderful places that you can visit in Cincinnati and the surrounding places. But with the limited time I had, I tried to represent the beauty of the city as much as I can. Happy exploring while you are there!

Sunset and downtown Cincinnati across Ohio River.