Wednesday 15 January 2020

Nagarhole Safari

Golden fronted leafbird

A Wildlife Safari at Nagarhole Sanctuary

Recently got a chance to do a safari in Nagarhole sanctuary. We had time to do a couple of safaris, one in the evening and another in the following morning.

The naturalists had already got a tip off that there is a leopard in the buffer area which had a deer kill and might come back for the kill to finish it off for its dinner!

So took the jeep with the naturalists in the general area where the leopard might be spotted. After reaching the place and a wait for a few minutes, we were able to spot the leopard perched on a tree. Though the light was very less, we were lucky to get a good view of the leopard and a few photographs of it in half sleep after a good meal.

Sleepy leopard @ Nagarhole

Apart from the star of the evening, there were glimpses of a few other MUST SEE list which we were able to spot on that day. The JLR resort in which we stayed itself has a decent bird life, so we were able to make use of the time very effectively.

Pale billed flowerpecker

Asian paradise flycatcher

Brown capped pygmy woodpecker

White bellied drongo

Two of the critically endangered species in a single tree. Not a very common sight.

White rumped vulture and Red necked vulture

This guy was thinking whether to take the plunge or not!

Grey heron

On the second morning we started the safari as early as 6:30AM. They early morning treated us with some delightful sighting of the Dhole (Wild dogs), Brown fish owl, eagles and elephants


Brown fish owl

A young male

Changeable hawk eagle

If you like the photos, click the following link for more high-res photos.

More Photos from Nagarhole sanctuary


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