Saturday 25 April 2020

Balcony Photography

The farm as viewed from my balcony

Photography from Balcony

While the lock down is still effective, there is no way of going out with the camera for bird photography or any kind of photography.

However, I would say I am blessed in a way to have a balcony that gives me quite some opportunities for helping me keep engaged with what I love to do! Having a farm right in front of the balcony also helps this to a great extent.

There are a few common visitors that turn up every day without fail. Their acrobatics are quite a treat to watch.

Black kite soaring from a ground perch

Sometimes they do get quite close, either out of curiosity or to warn a potential threat!

Black kite up close!

Not all of these predators are acrobats. Some play their waiting game, sitting composed and tracking a prey, while being very aware of their surroundings as well.

Shikra on a high perch and alert

Not all of them are extroverts. There are quite a few shy ones as well.

Southern Coucal doing a balancing act

Also the carefree romantic pairs.

Pair of Common rock pigeon doing a sync flying

I have my personal alarms as well. A couple of them makes sure they wake me up in the morning. This one with its sweet singing.

Red whiskered Bulbul

And the shrill one, which is not so subtle with its wake up call. It is amazing how the smaller ones have such a shrill voice. Be it birds or humans!

Ashy Prinia

The energetic one that tries to show off its beauty!

This one is really interested about flowers

Yet another lively fellow, caught while she was taking off from its borough in the tree.

Rose ringed parakeet - Female

Well most of these guys live in pair. But these ones are the most "distinguished" of them.

Pied Bushchat - Male

Pied Bushchat - Female

Hey! What makes you think its only the birds that makes the place lively? We are there too - colourful, lively and living our life to fullest!

Spotless Grass Yellow

Lemon Pansy


And not all of them are colourful and fun loving. There are some predators amongst them as well!

They praying mantis on the lookout for a prey

Back to the birds. There were a few surprise visitors to the apartments. Though these were not from the Balcony, these were also within the apartment complex. So had the opportunity see them as well, without actually having to leave home.

Black Drongo - Can protect its territory aggressively even from much larger birds

Blyth's Reed warbler
This one was quite a surprise. The jungle myna. I know there are small pockets of forests nearby, but really did not expect this guy to be around!

Jungle myna

When it rains things become even more beautiful!

Purple rumped sunbird - preening while sheltering from rain

One of the very occasions when the barbet decided to come to the tree that was right outside the balcony.

White cheeked barbet completely drenched in rain

Its not just the birds that look beautiful while raining. The natural phenomenon makes everything beautiful!

Lightning lighting up the night sky

Even the moon looks to be a in a trance!

Moon draping the clouds

Hope you too find something interesting to do while being at home. Stay safe!

A evening panorama


R.Sudhir said...

Really blessed to be around such nature and blessed to have the vision to capture nature beauty, wonderful time spent during Lock down. Lock down turned as Lucky down

S. Susan Deborah said...

You are living in a beautiful place, I must say. These pictures were a treat to me since I love watching birds and every moving organism. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Glad to have stopped by.

Joy always,

Trails of a Traveler said...

Thank you for your comments

Unknown said...

Very nice and well documented.

Linda G. said...

I enjoyed your assortment of backyard birds and butterflies. My favorite pictures, though, were where you captured the lightning and the evening panoramic.