Thursday 14 May 2020

Agumbe - A world of its own

Cobra - after being rescued

The Amazing Agumbe

It has been quite sometime (Apr, 2016) since I had visited this amazing place - Agumbe. Thanks to Birdwing Travel and Photography, who had arranged this trip, specifically for the macro life of Agumbe.

Back to the most recent (if 4 years in recent!) trip. This was specifically for the wild nature of this wonderful place. The naturalists, at KCRE where we stayed, had extraordinary knowledge of what could be found where within the forest.

Green vine snake

Keep in mind that this place has some of the highest population of the Spectacled Cobra and King Cobra. The naturalists are mostly involved in the conservation and rescue activities of snakes apart from educating people about the co-existence.

But is not just the snakes, but the various small creatures that add to the real beauty of this place.  Most of these cannot be found in the urban setup. Here are some of such beauties. I do not have the names of most of these magical creatures, so pardon for not mentioning the names.

The skittering frog

Grass hopper playing peek-a-boo

Some creatures might look like they are from some other planet, but no! They are all very much part of our eco-system,

A colourful locust?

Beetle with a whiplash!

Paper wasp in its nest

Lantern fly

During night the forest literally comes live with so many nocturnal creatures, that will definitely make one feel as if we in some other world!

A bunch of bugs

A "Love"ly pair

You can also witness the predators and preys very closely

Tree frog

Cat snake

A praying mantis feasting on a hapless chocolate pansy butterfly. After all, these fellows too like chocolates!

Praying mantis preying on Chocolate pansy

Spider with a perfect symmetry

The limited time we had in the place definitely was not enough to enjoy this wonderful place. But, that is what is keeping us interested and wanting to return to such a place, right!

Ornate flying snake


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Wonderfully documented. Photos are Beautiful.

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