Sunday 15 November 2020

Backyard Birds

Good Morning!

Happy to meet you all again with a follow up of my Balcony Birds blog. Since I posted this back in April, there have been a few new visitors in your backyard, so wanted to share those with you.

If you have not visited my earlier post on what is going on in my backyard, you can either visit the Balcony Photography blog or check the video I made on my backyard - Welcome to the backyard!

I have been making some frequent walks within my apartments to spend more time observing the birds and other creatures and the place has never failed to amaze me with the kind of diversity it has! Here are some of my new friends, since we met before.

Here is the Golden Oriole, which just gave a glimpse before taking off. I am still scouting for one more sighting since that instance, yet to get more lucky.

Golder Oriole - மாங்குயில்

I have seen this tiny cinereous tit a few times, but due to its active nature and size, had not got a good photograph!

Cinereous tit - பட்டாணிக் குருவி

The Indian silverbill also known as White-throated munia is another sparrow like bird that likes to feed predominantly on grains.

Indian Silverbill / White-throated munia - வெண்தொண்டைச் சில்லை

Off late the Brahminy Kites too have joined the black kites here.

Brahminy Kite - செம்பருந்து / கருடன்

A few of my friends have told me that the Indian roller visits the apartments regularly in the morning. This is quite possible, but did not get a chance to spot it until recently.

Indian Roller - பனங்காடை

Another active bird that is seen wide spread throughout the country.

White-browed or Large pied wagtail - கருப்பு வெள்ளை வாலாட்டி

Recently, I also saw a flock of Chestnut-tailed starlings. These belong to the mynah family. Looks like these are going to be a bit regular, despite the aggression shown by its bigger cousin.

Chestnut-tailed starling - சாம்பல்தலை நாகணவாய்

Chestnut-tailed starling (சாம்பல்தலை நாகணவாய்) displaying its acrobatic skills

A sweet surprise when I saw this bunch of Indian white-eyes. Small yellowish birds that are mostly seen in groups and always active. Their bright colour is always a treat to watch!

Indian White-eye - வெள்ளைக் கண்ணி

Oriental White-eye - வெள்ளைக் கண்ணி

The real sweet surprise however was when the Asian Paradise flycatcher started coming. I am still longing to get a glimpse of the male, but this one was definitely a pleasant suprise.

Asian Paradise flycatcher - அரசவால் ஈப்பிடிப்பான்

Asian Paradise flycatcher - அரசவால் ஈப்பிடிப்பான்

It is just the birds, but the butterflies as well, which makes the place quite colourful and lively!

Gram blue

Common Mormon

This is a very tiny fellow as you can see how it compares with the blade of grass. But nevertheless a very colourful one!

Red Pierrot

Dark blue tiger

Common lime
Yet another small but active butterfly

Zebra Blue

And it is not just the butterflies, there are these predators too that come out during the season

Giant wood spider. Never fails to justify the name. Quite a big fellow!

Giant wood spider

The signature spider leaves it signature wherever it goes!

Signature Spider

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my backyard. I would be interested to know about your backyard as well!

Pigeon against the setting sun


Linda G. said...

You have quite an assortment of birds and butterflies in your backyard.

Ashok said...

Wow moments. We are really lucky to be living our life amidst this rich environment, that too in a metro like Bangalore...

Trails of a Traveler said...

Yes, we are quite lucky in that sense. The shrub forest that we have right outside the far end of our apartments attracts these birds.

I am still surprised to see such a diversity amidst a proper urban place.

Shankar Subramanian said...

Wonderful pics and writeup!! Reminds me of my time at Whitefield. Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

Very beautifully captured.
Good Wishes Ram 🙂

Trails of a Traveler said...

Thank you