Saturday 23 October 2021

The Soulful Tree


The Soulful Tree

I am what the humans call a dead tree! I had been full of "life" once, like my other siblings. But all of us have our time, don't we? Once our time arrives we will be dead, but that only makes us "lifeless" and not really "soulless"!

Coconut Tree at its prime

Right enough of spirituality and philosophy, but the point is that in nature, nothing is actually dead! Though I can longer be beneficial to the humans, in a way I used to be, I still have my purpose in nature.

For those who ask how that is possible, here are a few examples with pictures to assure you that nothing is down and out in nature!

First, it was the Common Myna that built a home.

Common Myna (நாகணவாய்) has started to build

Common Myna (நாகணவாய்) feeding the chick and cleaning the nest

Then came the noisy Rose-ringed parakeets after a few days.

 The arrival of Rose-ringed parakeet pair - செந்தார்ப் பைங்கிளி

The watchful female Rose-ringed Parakeet - செந்தார்ப் பைங்கிளி

Somehow these guys also co-existed with a pair of White-cheeked Barbets for sometime. Does not happen usually, but not uncommon as well.

Rose-ringed parakeet and a pair of White-cheeked Barbet - செந்தார்ப் பைங்கிளி and சின்னக் குக்குறுப்பான்

Then for a brief period, I had been the home for the barbets exclusively! Wonderful fellows to have around.

White-cheeked barbet (சின்னக் குக்குறுப்பான்) examining the burrow

On this instance the White-cheeked Barbet (சின்னக் குக்குறுப்பான்) was chipping off the bark to make the burrow big enough.

These extremely alert and colourful ones too call me home now and then, though they don't tend to stay for a long tenure.
These guys are quite territorial and do not allow others to come near when they are there!

The Indian Roller (பனங்காடை) protecting its territory

Indian Roller (பனங்காடை) with its morning breakfast

Recently there was these pair of Jungle mynas which made a home out of me and brought up their family.

Interesting to see the male and female taking turns to go out in search of food.

Change of guard for the Jungle myna (காட்டு நாகணவாய்)

The long beaked on guarding the home. What the hell are you looking at? Jungle myna (காட்டு நாகணவாய்)

The songbird, Oriental Magpie Robin, has never stayed with me, but often rests on me during its foraging for food.

Oriental Magpie Robin - கருப்பு வெள்ளைக் குருவி

At present, it is this extremely wise and alert guy that resides with me!

Constant Vigilance - Spotted Owlet (புள்ளி ஆந்தை)

One thing about nature is that nothing is dead! Even after I am past my prime, I will continue serving. Even if I go down from here, I will only become a natural manure for the rest of my friends and siblings!

As long as I keep serving these beautiful creatures of nature, my soul will remain intact!

Pair of Indian Rollers - பனங்காடை