Saturday 22 January 2022

Butterflies at my Backyard

Common Mormon Female

 Butterflies in my Backyard

We can safely assume that there may not be too many people who would not smile upon seeing these colourful little flying objects that are the butterflies!

It comes in all shapes, sizes and colours that are amazing! Apart from the bringing a smile the butterflies are quite important in the ecosystem! Just like the bees, the butterflies too play an extremely important role in the pollination process.

Common Emigrant - Male

Unfortunately, use of pesticides, loss of habitat due to deforestation have a taken a toll on butterflies. The need for conservation of these small and beautiful creatures do not attract the same kind of attention like the larger animals like Tigers or Rhinos. The lack of knowledge of butterflies amongst general public (including myself) is also not helping much towards conservation.

Common Emigrant - Female

So, if you are in an environment where you get to see a lot of butterflies, consider yourself lucky as there is a good chance that the environment is still friendly for these gentle creatures. I happen to be in one such neighbourhood where there seems to be a decent amount of butterfly population.

Common Grass Yellow

Here are some of the butterflies which I was able observe and document over a period of time in my backyard! These are collected over a period of 4 years or so. The search has never stopped and it will continue...

Common Bushbrown

Indian Jezebel

Common Mormon - Male

Common Castor bunched up

Common Crow

Dark Blue Tiger

Lemon Pansy

Yellow Pansy

Oriental Eggfly

Lime Swallowtail

Tailed Palmfly

It is not just the bigger ones. There are really tiny butterflies, which if one observes can be seen in almost every place!

Common Cerulean

Pea Blue

Indian Zebra Blue

Tiny Grass Blue

Red Pierrot

If you too have been lucky enough to see these beautiful creatures, do share what you see!

Three-spot Grass Yellow