Saturday, 13 August 2022

Hemis Monastery and Tse-Chu

Hemis Monastery and Tse-Chu Festival

The Hemis Monastery is the most popular monastery and is also the largest and the most wealthiest monastery in Ladakh. This monastery has some of the most valuable and ancient collections of Buddhist artifacts.

The Tse-Chu festival, or more popularly called as the Hemis Festival, is celebrated on the 2nd lunar month of the Tibetan calendar. This is celebrated to honor the Buddhist Guru Padmasambhava.

This is one of the most important festival of the Tibetan Buddhist where the monks wear various masks and perform dances.

Here are some moments from the festival.

Hope you enjoyed the colourful culture of the Hemis festival

A monastery outside Leh, on the way to Pangong

Sunday, 7 August 2022

Thiksay Monastery

Buddha at the Thiksay Monastery

Vibrant Monasteries

Ladakh is one place where several cultures come together. All of these cultures are very historical dating back millenium.

The buddhist culture, especially, is one of the very vibrant and colourful. Their monasteries and festivals are also quite unique and colourful. Here are a few photos from the Thiksay Monastery and its surroundings

View of Thiksay Monastery

Riot of Colours, Thiksay Monastery

It is not just the exterior that is colourful. The idols, paintings and various musical instruments are also equally colourful!




Musical Instrument

The monasteries are surrounded by barren land. The army had, over the years, done plantations after studying the soil and understanding what kind of vegetation can grow here.

What you see here are greeneries which is the result of the efforts of the army.

Landscape of Ladakh

More greeneries

Panoramic view from Thiksay Monastery

For anyone planning to visit Ladakh, this is could add as a wonderful cultural sightseeing. Do make time to visit the place!

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Pangong Lake - Ladakh

 Pangong Tso

Pangong Lake (Tso in Tibetan) is one of the largest lakes in India and also at a very high altitude of over 13000 feet. It is so vast (700 sq. km) that different part of the lake offers different experience and views at different times of the day and year!

Here are some of the photos taken over a couple of days, during various times of the day. I am sharing with a disclaimer that any amount of photos would not make justice to the wonderful view one would get in person!

Cloud at the distance adding drama to the scene

Light and shadow play bringing out the spectrum of colours

Blue seems to be the most favorite hue!

There are other colours too!

Sunset can make the place glow!