Saturday 20 August 2022

Karzok and Tso Moriri

Panoramic view of Karzok

Karzok and Tso Moriri

If there is one word, other than the obvious adjective of "majestic", to describe the Himalayas that would be "RUGGED". Yes, that would be in BOLD and CAPS!

Above a certain altitude the Himalayas is more of a desert than anything else. Coming from the southern part of India where the western ghats are more of a rainforest, this view of HImalayas was a completely different experience for me.

A summer morning at Karzok

Equally rugged and remote is the village of Karzok near the Tso Moriri lake. I am still wondering how this village even came into existence in such a remote part of the Himalayas. Unlike the Pangong lake, this place is not even connected by proper roads. A decently laid road maybe about 30 km away at the very least! Electricity is provided in ration and cannot expect a continuous supply.

Stacked up stones with prayers written on them is a part of the culture

The sweeping vistas and blowing winds give this place such a feeling that one cannot describe in words. Even during the peak summer the winds can send a shiver to the bones. Along with the strong winds comes the mud and sand as well which is what these rugged mountains are made of!

Closer view of Karzok

Apart from cattle herding and tourism, which is not much in the harsh winters, there is not much of business going on in here. However, there is a charm to this village, perfectly complimenting the rugged nature of the Himalayas.

Here are some photos from the Karzok village and the rugged Himalayas photographed at various places in my trip!

Stupa on the top of the village.

Sun rising behind the mountains beyond Tso Moriri

Prayer wheels at the monastery lit by the morning sun

Morning prayers are the Stupa

Karzok on the banks of Tso Moriri on a summer morning

Tso Moriri

Dramatic morning sky over Karzok and Tso Moriri

Why should a sunrise always have the Golden Yellow hue?

Well, it has been over a month since I returned from this incredible place, but I am yet to get over the amazing place! But there is more to the Himalayas. I will come back soon with more.

If you enjoyed the virtual journey, do plan to make a real one and share your experience!

A volcano? Nah, just a mountain spewing some clouds!


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