Wednesday 3 August 2022

Pangong Lake - Ladakh

 Pangong Tso

Pangong Lake (Tso in Tibetan) is one of the largest lakes in India and also at a very high altitude of over 13000 feet. It is so vast (700 sq. km) that different part of the lake offers different experience and views at different times of the day and year!

Here are some of the photos taken over a couple of days, during various times of the day. I am sharing with a disclaimer that any amount of photos would not make justice to the wonderful view one would get in person!

Cloud at the distance adding drama to the scene

Light and shadow play bringing out the spectrum of colours

Blue seems to be the most favorite hue!

There are other colours too!

Sunset can make the place glow!

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ராஜ சேகர் said...

Photos are amazing!! Z9 has done a great job and added with your skills on the composition, it's so awesome!!