Winged Wonders

The Purple-rumped sunbird

Scientific Name: Leptocoma zeylonica

Tamil Name:  ஊதாப்பிட்டு தேன்சிட்டு

This is a very small bird found in the Indian subcontinent. A distant cousin of the more famous humming birds. However, these are slightly smaller than the humming birds.

Sunbirds mostly feed on nectar from flowers. The long slender beak of the sunbirds help them in this. However, they also occasionally feed on insects and caterpillars. There are mainly given to the young chicks.

The males are always brightly coloured.

Happily bathing in the water sprinkler

Calling its mate

Picking or pecking the flowers?

These are quite active and can almost never to be seen sitting idly in one place. Keeps jumping around amidst the leaves of trees.

Females cannot boast of the such colourful hue. However, they are not devoid of their beauty.

Always on alert, even while having food

Definitely not resting

Drenched in rain

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